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-- Michael Phillips Browse The entire "Secret Robert XXL" assessment. In a key supporting part, Liotta represents a kindly Despair-era tent-show reverend, although when Liotta gets heading during one of the personais sermons in the beginning and the vein in his neck stands out in that scary "Anything Wild"/"Wild Hogs" approach, you fear the man will probably kill every one of his group onthespot. When the character of Liotta wrangles together with the cockamamie innovations of the program of Howard Klausner, the preacher's distress and disbelief become one using the actoris. Guided by initial- Dustin Marcellino, "The Identical" works from a fresh conclusion motivated by the undeniable fact that Elvis Presley had a twin brother that is stillborn. In "The Same" a dust- poor pair are pushed to give up one of two newborn kids. The area preacher and his girlfriend, enjoyed by Liotta and Ashley Judd, are happy to get the one who grows up to be Ryan, a humble but cool-swivelin' dead ringer for the great (and fantastic, and extremely Elvis-b) Drexel "The Dream" Hemsley. Ryan ultimately makes a good living performing his Fantasy act on the state fair world. Meanwhile, his famous life lives without noticing he's a twin out-there, looking forward to the program to discover exactly the correct minute to pour the beans. Enjoying the title role together with the Dream function, real-life when he's performing, Elvis tribute artist Rayne is persuasive than when he'snot.

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