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$77 is not the identical as¬†$17.95 and wasn't advertised ANYPLACE except hidden inside the TOS site. Thus let's do more math… what will be the percentage percentage from the $4.95 trial + $ fee 77 unadvertised price? Legit Publishing Careers is simply a fraud that entices customers using limitless freelance work and high income's assurance. On what it's really like the only people proposing this system online are only trying to sell you the product and do not present any authentic feedback. The¬†reality is it is merely dragging writing jobs from places you will find for boards that are completely free on job. Writing careers are highly-competitive; as a newbie that is total you're going to have a very hard time bursting in to the freelance publishing scene. You may need to invest time working the right path as much as the point you might get jobs that are consistent, and even then you will most likely not be gaining anywhere near their claims.

Legit Writing Jobs